Top Five: My favorite Social Network Sites (Other than Facebook and Twitter).

If you are like me, the first Social Network that you were a part of was MySpace. MySpace was a great way to follow the artists that you liked. Then Facebook took over, I still remember when Facebook finally came to my college, it changed everything. ‘Facebook me’ became the normal response after you met someone new. Since Facebook there have been several other social network sites, Twitter being probably the best know. But there are tons of other Social Media sites out there, here are my favorite Five sites that you may or may not have heard about.

1. Quora:

Questions site, plain and simple. You can ask questions of the community, one person, or a group of people. You can also chime in on other questions. Questions vary from ‘What is the best scary movie’ to more technical questions about computers. No matter if you have something to ask or have an answer, it’s a great community. You don’t need to be an expert, just willing to learn, ask, and respond. (Ask me a questions on Quora,

2. Linkedin:

Professional’s gathering online and connect. It is a great to be able to connect to people who you work with, friends, or even potential employers. You can also join groups of people who have the same job as you and discuss ideas. (Check out Ascentive,

3. IM Faceplate:

In a lot of ways Faceplate is very similar to Facebook. You have a profile, have followers. One of the major differences is that you can link your Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in accounts on your Faceplate, as well as your website. You can have articles for people to look at, or just write on your ‘face’. There is a way to ‘go pro’ on IM Faceplate (which I have not used yet) With the membership you can increase your exposure and branding. Also although Faceplate seems really similar to Facebook, I feel after a while it begins to feel more professional, like LinkedIn. (Join us on Faceplate,

4. Tumblr:

Want to have your own blog, but you also want it to be simple? Tumblr allows you to upload pictures, blog posts, quotes, and more. Most importantly it is simple. You can also connect it to your Twitter and Facebook. You can follow other people and a whole bunch of other cool things. (Follow us on Tumblr:

5. Delicious:

Social bookmarking site. (Which is now easily imported into Google Bookmarks, thanks to Google’s convenient tool). Simply Delicious allows you to store your Bookmarks online so you can share them between Computers. You can also add tags to help organize your bookmarks. You can also follow other people’s bookmarks and browse the hottest booked marked sites. You can also see how many people have the same bookmark as you do. (See what I have booked marked,

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