Genes Identified for Common Childhood Obesity

Genetics researchers have identified at least two new gene variants that increase the risk of common childhood obesity. “This is the largest-ever genome-wide study of common childhood obesity, in contrast… Read more

Trayless Dining on Campus Reduces 15 Million Pounds of Food Waste

While Earth Day is celebrated once a year, at campuses throughout North America served by ARAMARK, Every Day is Earth Day, thanks to ongoing sustainable practices focused on reducing waste, conserving… Read more

Nearly Half of All American Homeowners Give a Green Thumbs-Up to Home Improvements

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Group of SEPTA Employees Claims $107.5 Million Powerball Jackpot

During his lunch break, Bryant Vaders purchased 120 quick-picked Powerball tickets for his office Lottery pool, leading to a $107.5 million jackpot for the group. Lottery Executive Director Todd Rucci… Read more

Consumers Show High Degree of Trust in Online Health Information, Report Success in Self-Diagnosis

Even when it comes to their own health, consumers trust online information, with three in ten Americans reporting that they “always” or “frequently” turn to the Internet to find answers… Read more