A Floriculture Tour Around the Continents

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Top Five: My favorite Social Network Sites (Other than Facebook and Twitter).

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Consumers Show High Degree of Trust in Online Health Information, Report Success in Self-Diagnosis

Even when it comes to their own health, consumers trust online information, with three in ten Americans reporting that they “always” or “frequently” turn to the Internet to find answers… Read more

Corbett Administration Recognizes Nine Employers for Efforts to Keep Pennsylvanians Working

Nine employers and training providers today received Governor’s Achievement Awards for outstanding hiring and workforce development success. Representatives of state workforce development agencies recognized the businesses for their accomplishments at… Read more

Jim Beam® Partners With Six Bold Artists to Launch the 2012 Live Music Series in Support of Military Musicians

This summer, Jim Beam® is building on its bold music legacy while continuing its ongoing commitment to our nation’s troops with the 2012 Live Music Series. The Jim Beam® Live… Read more

Carnegie Mellon and Lehigh Lead in Launch Of New Program To Bolster Manufacturing Innovation

Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with Lehigh University will manage a new $1 million manufacturing and innovation development program to help foster a renaissance in Pennsylvania manufacturing globally. “Manufacturing adds… Read more

USW 10-Month Campaign to Save Pennsylvania Jobs, Communities Results in Continued Operations for Philadelphia Refinery

Local Business news from the Finally Fast Team When Sunoco Inc. announced last September it would shut down the company’s Philadelphia refinery if a buyer was not found, United Steelworkers… Read more

PA Cyber introduces hybrid of virtual and self-paced online courses

“FLEX” courses, a hybrid model combining some of the best features of self-paced and virtual online instruction, are being offered this year at the high school level by the Pennsylvania… Read more

AT&T Launches $250 Million Aspire Initiative to Boost Graduation Rates, Pennsylvania Groups Urged to Apply

AT&T has announced the launch of a new $250 million, 5-year financial commitment aimed at helping more students graduate from high school with the skills they need to succeed in… Read more

Increased Worry Among Retirees Doesn’t Equate to Action

While American retirees are more concerned about retirement risks than in previous years, a new study by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) shows there has been little change in their… Read more